Friday, August 9, 2013

An EyE for an EyE.....

Greetings and salutations. I continue to wade through the murky waters of my memory of boyhood crushes....and came by this one. Christina Lindbergh. Thriller: A Cruel Picture or the watered down U.S. version, They Call Her One Eye was, and still is the epitome of Grindhouse cinema. A very sad, violent tale of a young girl forced into prostitution, blinded in one eye by her abductor and pimp, who eventually trains herself to become a killer and seek vengeance against those responsible. Her character is well known for inspiring Tarantinos Elle Driver in the Kill Bill films as well as more recently, Robert Rodrigues character Luz in Machette, played by Michelle Rodriguez. This is a roughed in pencil...that I'll be inking...after a few minor tweaks.


  1. Ah man I can't wait to see this inked! Actually ever think about just cleaning up the pencil lines a touch and coloring that? There's something really nice about the line of this.