Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scene Magazine Boxes!

Seeing as how our boxes are being prominently displayed outside of Ingenuity Fest, now would probably be a good time to reveal the work we did for Scene Magazine.  To promote the upcoming art fest, the Rust Belt Monsters spent roughly 10 hours painting a mural across 16 boxes which were later spread across Cleveland.  It was a great honor to be included in the promotion of Cleveland's Ingenuity Fest and we could not be more excited for our live draw at the event.  Scroll down to see better pictures of each project as well as some WIP shots.  We hope to see you this weekend!


  1. What are the hours of your 'live draw' event? Is this different than Friday's Pencil Riot?

    1. The live draw should be all day Saturday and (if we don't finish) Sunday. This will be separate from the Dr. Sketchy pencil riot on Friday, but I think most of us will be there for that too. See you there.