Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Round 29: Rapid Cleveland

I had the fortune to work on Katerra Moore's concept on how to make public transportation better in EVERY respect.  In essence, Miss. Moore wish is to make public transportation more efficient, cleaner, more comfortable, safe and free to the public.  How do you show all of that in one image without having a giant info graphic full of little info graphics?  Show a brilliant future Cleveland where all of this exists!  Sell a better future full of the progress promised by the atomic age but progress that will be DELIVERED by Katerra Moore and the Renewable Energy Age!

For those who I am sure can't read the small text:
 More passenger and cargo space, light reactive windows and in-seat, multichannel video system to make your ride more comfortable.

Greater Driver visibility, antilock breaks, run flat tires, passenger air bags and an active safety system makes sure you get safely from point A to point B.

Thanks to wind, solar and water power we are able to supply Cleveland with transportation FREE to the public!

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