Monday, July 29, 2013


Most of the cool stuff I was introduced to as a kid was first the playthings of my older brother and cousins.  By the time I came along they had discovered it, became fascinated by it, played the heck out of it, became experts and moved on to something else.  Luckily they would share, wiffle ball bat Jedi training, Jason and Michael Myers inspired "haunted houses" in the basement and Shogun Warriors!

( Just in case the inset video doesn't work YouTube link here)

Mazinger, the one in the middle, the one you have probably seen before was the domain of my Gene Simmons of KISS loving older brother which left me Dragun.  Sure Mazinger has the cool chest v and the Darth-like mouth, Dragun had 2 axes, a head that has always reminded me of a crab and Superman colors.  Thus, cooler.

The piece is a graphite drawing on vellum, scanned and then cludged together in Photoshop with some ink splots, vector stuff and a bit of color.  Thanks for checking it out and enjoy the rest of Giant Robots and Monsters!!

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