Monday, July 22, 2013

Mehrsprachige Zeichnung

First off I REALLY hope that English to German translation site got "Multilingual Drawing" correct.  If not, sorry my German speaking pals!  

I thought I would take this week's post to give a tiny version of the steps taken from concept to final.

As a Freelance Illustrator sometimes jobs feed from one to another.  You do one, it's seen by someone who needs a drawing, they contact you, you get to do a new illustration, someone sees that job, contacts you, etc.. Well sometimes that next person that sees your work, thanks to the internet, is in another country and they contact you (again thank you internet).  That's how I got the good fortune to meet some amazing people in Germany who needed a poster to advertise a vintage, swing era festival. 
Above is step 1 of the process.  1 sketch of MANY in an attempt to find the right image to tell the right story my client wanted to tell.  This is the direction they chose to go with.

That brings us to the final pencil before the finished piece.  Sketched each element separate, the girls, the curtain, the guy in the hat, scanned them in and composed in the final page size.  couple of vector bits for the stage just to make that whole part easier.  After this gets the OK we move on to......

The final piece.  Graphite and acrylic paint on vellum.  After this the text is placed and the whole file is sent to a printer.
This image was seen around Hamburg, Germany last year AND will be seen again this year!  So if you are around that part of the world and see this poster, check out the event, it'll be a blast!  As soon as I know the dates I'll post them on FB.
Thanks again for checking it out.


  1. I like how you chose to omit any line work on the shoulder. Gives a cool focus effect and draws more attention to the hand and rim of the hat. Nicely done.

    1. Thanks, little bit of atmospheric perspective thrown in for good measure.