Friday, July 5, 2013

I can be soft an cuddly

Just to prove to fellow RBMCer Erin Schechtman, I decide to post these two pieces. It is perhaps one of my favorite events I've ever been involved in. I'm an animal lover...and these were done for The Ripple Project. An online call to arms spearheaded by artist Kelly Light. An event to raise money for the animals..helpless victims, of of the tragic BP oil disaster. Sitting watching the bideo feed on CNN as millions of crude pumped and spewed into the Gulf...I was angered and felt I wanted to do something. And then I found Kelly's project. These were auctioned off, online...the purchaser had to donate money to any of the 3 or 4 charities to help these beautiful creatures. I, in return shipped them to the client. These were done in marker, colored pencil and pen/ ink. By far they are still to this day, some of my favorite works. See Erin...I can be soft and cuddly.