Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Bob

Happy happy Monday to you all!  
This is merely part of what we did this weekend at Cleveland's Ingenuity Fest. We will be posting the rest later on in the week.  After being totally rained out on Friday waterloggeing my socks and everything else, lifting and carrying the largest rig we've ever made some 40+ yards, having a large, heavy wooden box fall on my heel, risking sudden death in a potentially electrified pool in a filthy warehouse floor while carrying a metal table full of stuff I'm here to report that I would do it all again in a heartbeat!  To be a part of 2 large parts of Ingenuity Fest this year, to work shoulder to shoulder with people I admire and love, to have the unfettered support of friends, nay, family who came up to see and even help with the show is a rare joy you get in life.  Today I feel very lucky to have all the aches, pains, things to clean and unpack from this weekend's festivities.  
So there, big hugs and thank yous all around!

....and yes, this is Bob Ross as a not so happy cloud.

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