Sunday, September 15, 2013


Evening....morning or afternoon. Depending on when you read this. Other than creating anything original, probably my other favorite thing to do artistically is collaborate with other creators. Working in the comics industry feeds that need. A chance to work with many talented writers, letterers, colorists and editors is perhaps one of the greatest thrills for me as an artist. You may remember the Deadpool piece done between Mr. Crider, myself and our comrade Mr. Switalski. This was something very similar. A writer friend of mine Fred Duran contacted me to see if I'd like to do a piece for him that reflected a story he was presenting to a publisher. He had offered that I redraw the piece initially. But the sketch he sent me did something for me. So instead I ended up inking over his line work. Below is the original sketch Fred had sent me.
What I did was doctor his sketch in photoshop. Lightening his pencils to where I could just make out his image. I liked the idea of the greys coming through the inks. I then printed it out on a heavy stock paper to do the final inks. The image itself was very strong...and sent a very strong message. Below is the end results. Pen and brush...and a bit of ink spatter. It's my belief that my history with work, is what has made my work with the RBMC so fitting.

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