Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week 20: Hide Your Buildings!

I think its safe to say there is no greater threat to our nation then the combined forces of King Kong and Godzilla.  These two behemoths have terrified and delighted both man and child for generations.  But what if the very radiation that formed Godzilla caused him to merge with his greatest adversary?  I'll tell you what: it would create the most devastating creature known to man.  The wily jungle creature, with his brute strength and charisma, would only compliment the fire breathing and low center of gravity of the giant lizard.  I shudder just thinking of it.

All in all.  It was kind of a quicky this week.  You think I would take better advantage of the extra week, but procrastination is a cruel mistress.  I tried to mix and match features to the point where you could tell it was a combination of both.  I might throw some color on it if I get the chance, but I'm already excited to move on to the next topic.


  1. Oh man those buildings are in trouble! You know, just seeing this much of him only makes me want to see what you would do with the rest of the body, maybe a sculpture?

  2. I really wished I would have picked a different pose. I think I was just feeling super guilty about not taking better advantage of catch up week.