Monday, June 4, 2012

Wk20: Cowboy Wizard Spaceman

A No1
pencil on vellum digital dolor

This, Ladies and Gentlemen is A-No1 Old School Grandmaster Dungeon Wizard.  Such a large name for such a man of action!  He inhabits the worlds we only get glimpses of on the sides of vans and 70's 80's album covers.  A lawless world of dragons, monsters, aliens, robots and marauding barbarians that can only be tamed by a such a man, NAY a LEGEND!
This fella came from a sketch started at an amazing dinner, deep in the mountains of West Virginia where I ate various meats out of a pineapple with my good friend Lee Chandler. The idea of this guys originated in Lee but I like to think such a character forced his way into his mind and made Lee spread it to mine.  Now he shall infect YOU!  enjoy!


  1. If I had a van, I would totally need a "Cowboy Wizard Spaceman" painted on the side, kickin' righteous monster ass, well done sir!

  2. The use of light and shadow really compliments a great idea. Wonderfully done.