Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm a Spy Smasher

I like old stuff.  In this case I like my own old stuff and I like real old stuff.  In this case Republic Pictures and Wiz Comics' (now DC's) Spy Smasher.  I was introduced to this guy some years back by my friend's Dad who was way into Mr. Smasher when he was a boy and who wouldn't be?!?  He's kind of a Batman with a gun and no parent issues.  Just a friendly neighborhood Millionaire with a flying sub, some flight goggles and a want to help Uncle Sam in the fight against the Axis!  He also occasionally hung out with Captain Marvel which is always a plus.  You can get the old serials on DVD and they are well worth it.  
The piece was one of my first attempts of going more figurative with vector.  Up till that point I did more product illustrations than anything with the program and wanted to see what I could do with something that had less regular forms. 


  1. Pulp goodness! Awesome work and I really like your sense of depth on this. A lot of fun.