Friday, June 29, 2012

Week 21: Queen Of The RBMC

It's often said that without Erin Schechtman, the Rust Belt Monster Collective would fall into darkness. I can assure you that without Erin's heart and flower sensibilities, you'd be visiting a very different blog.  Let's all thank her for keeping us in line.

This is my attempt at using my Dr. Sketchy style at home. It's a quicker way for me to draw, plus I can drink beer while I do it, so you'll probably see more of it in the coming weeks. 


  1. Hey! I know her! Great job with the likeness, It totally has a "Erin-ness" to it, while maintaing a "Randy-ness".

    ...and I totally think that "teddy bears and tentacles!" needs to be the rustbelt's new battle cry (oh yeah, I think we need a battle cry).

  2. This is my new Desktop! LOVE it!