Sunday, June 17, 2012

WEEK 20:Batman Smash!

Been a while since I've posted, and been a while since I've inked by hand. Let's fix that today. 

This started at our unofficial Drink And Draw Social Club launch when I drew an overly beefy Batman, also I was having a bad week and drawing The Hulk will always fix that. 

The Hulk is the artists prozac. 

There's a couple of process shots over on my blog, if ya nasty.


  1. Hahahahaha! Would he be the Bulk? Hulkman? Really seeing how your vector work is informed by and in some ways informing this piece. Some real nice color shapes going on here. I also really like the crumpled paper background.
    This makes me want to draw more Hulk AND Batman, damn fine work!

  2. "Bat-Hulk" is pretty excellent, but I'm a total sucker for Harley Quinn, and she looks perfect. Great job Randy.

  3. Really enjoying this one. Just a lot of fun being had and I like the color scheme. Your line work is pretty impressive too. I actually thought it was all vector until I read the post. Nice work.