Saturday, June 29, 2013

Randy: Dr. Sketchy Cleveland-Featuring Selena Felien

For the past few weeks, the monsters have been playing with lots of ink.  Personally, I blame Jim Giar's terrible influence. Next thing you know he'll have us all smoking cigarettes in the bathroom. So, for this weeks Dr. Sketchy I packed my usual array of markers but also a brush and a bottle of ink.  

This month our pal Selena Felien, who's a regular at The Drink And Draw Social Club Cleveland, did an amazing salute to H.P. Lovecraft. Half naked lady, tentacles, and ink.  It's no surprise I had so much fun.

Sorry about the seam in the middle, but I spent most of my night in my sketchbook. Spreading a drawing across too pages is cheap heat, but I'll take it. 

All brush, even more cheap heat. This one's an iphone photo, because the original lives with Selena now. 

I spent a bit of time on this one at home, even after telling myself I shouldn't. Lot's of stuff didn't get done because I was busy blowing watercolor all afternoon.  Then again, that's most of my life. 

I'd wager that the inky trend is going to continue around here.  We'll let you know when Jim gets us arrested. 

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