Monday, June 10, 2013

The once and future Lad

Thinking about this off topic post I came across a vector I did a few years ago.  I, for better and for worse, am a old school, table top, sit around once a week with your friends, multi sided dice, RPG player.  I've been playing since college but before that I was the guy other players would come to to draw their characters.  Don't remember why I never got into playing then but I always enjoyed learning all the fantasy races, monsters, adventures, all the detritus that was similar to and at the same time somewhat foreign to my beloved comics. Finally, about 10 years or so ago the comics and the RPGs met for me.  My friends that I play with have been playing together for I think around 20 years together.  They have played it all but the one game they continue to play is Marvel RPG, the same game, off and on, for years!  Ball Bearing Being (formerly Ball Bearing Lad) robot super hero, is one of the longest played characters of this game.  A ball bearing shootin, flying, super smart sentient machine.  Such a fun character I had to draw him up, like I always do with other people's characters.  I also did these:

Ball Bearing Lad, Ball Bearing Being © Mike Benchoff
© David WIlliams

Little silly, sure, but it was fun to do.  Enjoy!