Monday, June 24, 2013

Craig defaces perfectly good, blank comic covers for your amusement.

Last week's foray into the depths of the amazing Great Lakes Brewing Company's Comic Book Heritage Night was a ton of fun!  Here's some of the sketches I got to do.

 Dark Knight style Bats,

 good ol' Jean Grey,

 an Amazon,

and Captain America/Conan the Barbarian aka.  Captain CooooooooNaaaaaaan!!!!  (yelled in the style of Captain Caveman).  That little postage stamp image of me was a little shot of me not knowing how to use my phone's camera correctly so it inserted this little front facing camera shot of me making my mouth tiny out of frustration.  Aside from this little user malfunction I had a great time at Comic Book Heritage night.  Thanks so much to Great Lakes Brewery and Carol and John's Comics for making it a blast.  And thank you to all those who I got to sketch for, you guys are great!! 

1 comment:

  1. Jean Grey in Action Comics? Have you gone mad? The continuity!
    p.s. Where is the LushMan Action Comic cover?