Monday, June 17, 2013

Voice of the City

Hello, my name is Craig and I like hand rendered type.  
Thought it was high time that I actually fess up to it after years and years of protest I have done far too many hand rendered text pieces in my career to say that I don't like it.  Like this one for The Voix de Ville pop up theater and cabaret.  What's this, you may ask. I like to describe it as The Muppet Show, Laugh In and Carol Burnett Show, Cirq du Sole, The Tiger Lillies, all things Vaudville,  all combined into this tiny tent that can show up almost anywhere and POW, entertainment!  Started by a couple of friends of mine, Jason and Danielle, aka Pinch and Squeal (yet another piece of hand rendered text)

and it's going to be debuting at this years' Ingenuity Fest in Cleveland Ohio.  There's a TON of stuff this wonderful, little project could use some help with and that's where you come in (if you are so inclined)!  We've started a kickstarter to raise money for stage equipment (including a stage), paying the performers AND a bunch of new art done by ME!!!  Check it out HERE:

Thanks for checking out the work and thanks for your support.  And don't forget, when you come to Ingenuity the RBMC will also be there slinging some paint, doing LIVE ART all weekend.  Come by and say hi!