Sunday, June 16, 2013

Much Like Galactus, My Daughter Is On Her Way

Hey folks, Randy Crider here.  For Father's Day I wanted to show off the upcoming birth announcement for my daughter: Aurora Grace Crider-Wicks.  In lieu of cigars, I'm printing this as a 3x3 sticker once she's born along with any pertinent stats on the backing.  The backing will also include a password for a photo blog I'm setting up, since she's not old enough for facebook just yet.  Being my daughter, I suspect every major event will come with it's own set of DIY marketing materials.  She's going to hate her prom. 

The sticker is a riff on the Mercury-Atlas 7 flight patch, call sign Aurora 7.

Since I've framed it in a space context, I plan on making rocket noises and saying t-minus a lot during the birth.  I really hope the hospital has some of that space ice cream. 

In the past few months, my social time has diminished, choosing studio work over drunken revelry. I can only expect that to continue once Aurora is born, even if she is living with her mom. To that end, the safe bet is to get some addresses from you folks instead of meeting up at the bar. If you're family, friends, or just someone who digs what we do on the blog, it would mean a lot to me if you showed this sticker off. She won't know it at the time, but it's a nice welcome for someone new to the planet.

So, if you would, Email me at: with your address and I'll get something out to you as soon as Aurora and the stickers are printed. I'm also throwing a donate button down there if you want to throw a coupla duckets my way to cover printing and shipping.  Cynthia (mom) says that babies eat boobs but from where I'm sitting it looks like they eat money. 

Thanks Pals. 

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