Saturday, June 8, 2013

Crider's Corner: Jun 8th

If you've been paying attention to the blog, you've probably noticed that we haven't been. We're busier than ever as Rust Belt Monsters, but also as illustrators in our own right. 

Not to worry though, the stuff happening in our professional careers is still fun to look at.  Plus, it happens more often than the challenges do.

Because if it didn't, we'd starve. 

The rumor is we're each taking a day to post something/anything. I've been tasked with posting stuff every Saturday, and rather than one thing I plan on doing a round up of things I've worked on throughout the week, no matter what stage it's in. So, grab a bowl of cereal and I'll give you the tour.

This started out as a sketchbook piece and ended up as a die cut sticker that you can buy here: RedBubble. They're only $2.50 and would probably look rad on your sketchbook, car, or children.  I think we're releasing this as a print during live events as well.

I lucked out in the day job department, this week my notes were "Steve Martin guy", and "Star Trek guy" which isn't too far off from my non paying whims.  Illustrations like these get a text treatment along side the images when they're out in the wild.  I've got some fully finished examples on They're a lot of fun if you've never seen them.

Couple of "avoid doing real work" doodles. 


Something from Dr.Sketchy the week before that's turning into a pretty blatant Jim Mahfood swipe.  I have the most fun putting in 20 minutes in here and there on these.

 Follow me on instagram @randycrider or twitter @randolphcrider where I do my best to put something up everyday. If not, I'll be back here next Saturday to share what you missed. 

Thanks pals. 

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