Friday, June 14, 2013

Up..up...and away!!

Good morning...Reverand Jim here. I've been handed the duty of tackling Fridays here at RBMC central. Mr. Friday you can call me. Or idea. As I was saying, I'll be posting on Fridays while the group and I work our hectic summer schedule. So be on the look out.

I thought I'd post a Superman cover a bunch of local artists are doing to help celebrate Supes 75th birthday...but more importantly, his heritage, his birthplace here in Cleveland. It's for an upcoming event at Carol and Johns Comic Shop. This is the initial pencil sketch I did, directly on the cover. Now originally I was going with a 3/4 profile view of Supes handsome chiseled features. But I opted out for a full side profile, liking the epicness of of his stance.
 However there was something wrong but I couldn't quite put my finger on it....I proceeded with colors hoping it would eventually pop out for me.
 Working so much with comics, where I work in black and white, I struggle with color. I typically work with acrylics or marker and chose the latter in this case. I started working with grays first. Going from light and working in my darker shade. It's always easier to go darker than to try and lighten. I then began laying in color. I wanted the figure to pop, so I went with a yellow background so the cools of Big Blues suit would pop. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to superheroes and went with his original suit and emblem. It wasn't until I neared completion that the eyesore popped out for me. I never adjusted the ear from 3/4 to profile. Kids...if you're paying attention, the ear is always placed half way from the back of the head to the front. Now I could have just started over, scrap this cover and begin again. But...our own Erin Schechtman once taught me a valuable I've never forgotten and repeat often. "Every painting...every piece, goes through an ugly stage." And I was there. So I went back in, penciled and placed the ear where it belonged, went back in with ink and white paint marker, then overlayed color pencil to blend the ear into the piece. And I ended up with the final shown at the top of this page. The important lesson here is to, one pay attention to details such as basic anatomy and two, never feel that something can't be fixed. Even if not by computer.'s only art. What's the worse that can happen? You start over.

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