Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gold Floats

Erin here! I've been showing my mixed media work in galleries a lot this spring.
Here is a little peek into the process behind my largest piece this season, called "Gold Floats":

 I started with a large tin ceiling tile and a pound of beeswax. Applying the wax so it is perfectly smooth took a lot of time, hard work, and blowtorch fuel! The blue on the tile is what's left of it's original coat of paint.

Starting on the fish. Normally my 10 x 10 tiles feature only 2 fish. Figuring out a composition for multiple subjects was a difficult trick! 

I wasn't happy with the location and compositional shape of this grey fish, so I hit it with some heat to see what would happen. Blowtorches sure do some funny things to oil paint!


Final Tile!

""Gold Floats" • Encaustic, Oil Paint, Handmade Paper, & Gold Leaf on an Antique Tin Ceiling Tile 
May 2013 • Approx. 23 in x 23 in • For sale for $350

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